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Intermediate Correspondence Courses

Intermediate Florentine - Copy

Florentine Fancy - author Carolyn Mitchell

Intermediate Level

This course is designed so the student will develop intermediate levels of competency in Canvaswork as stitched in the Florentine or Bargello style. The subjects covered are the choosing of canvas, needles, use of a variety of threads, decision-making on choosing thread colour combinations, diverse Florentine patterns, mitering of corners and compensation stitching. The finished project is a sampler-type design of Florentine patterns in the colours of your choice ready to use as a cushion top, a tote bag front or framed.

Intermediate Blackwork - Copy

Intermediate Blackwork - author Sheryl Blackie

16 Week course

This course is designed to have the student progress into the intermediate level of Blackwork embroidery by using complex patterns in Double Running (Holbein) stitching and Back stitch in a combination of traditional and non-traditional threads. Shading using Cross stitch, Eyelets and varying gauges of thread is learned. Diagonal patterns, outlining in a variety of threads, the use of findings, such as beads, is also covered. A classic design of a vase stitched with a variety of modern threads is the completed project.


Intermediate Hardanger - author Carolyn Mitchell
16 Week course

This course is designed to take the student beyond the beginner level of Hardanger embroidery by working on linen or an evenweave fabric other than Hardanger fabric with a variety of threads in addition to the traditional perle cotton. Several complex stitches are to be learned but there is very strong encouragement for the student to add elements from their personal research. While keeping a journal of thoughts, ideas and comments, the student will have a diary of the progress through the course. The project may be finished as a belIpull, sampler or clutch purse in a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Intermediate Stumpwork

Intermediate Stumpwork - author Deanna Bertelsen
16 Week course

This intermediate level course encourages the student to continue a study of Stumpwork by teaching skills at the intermediate level. It assumes a knowledge of the basic skills.

In a design of poppy flowers, a bud, and leaves along with a Chickadee and inchworm, detached elements of an increasing complexity are taught. The detached poppy flowers are made with needlelace stitches on a frame of wire then attached to the ground fabric. Some leaves and bird parts form other detached elements that are stitched in position on surface stitched details. 

The student has the choice in the colour of the poppy flowers stitched in the project, which is suitable for framing as a picture.

Intermediate Pulled Thread - Copy

Pulled Thread Chatelaine - author Janice Routley
16 Week course

You will learn the stitches such as Hedebo Buttonhole Edge, Wave Stitch, Waffle Stitch, Honeycomb Stitch, Satin Stitch, Faggot Stitch, and Cross Stitch. Students are encouraged to find stitches, other than those presented, to include in their chatelaine, so it becomes a personal piece of embroidery. When you have completed the course, you will have a chatelaine.

A Style of Deerfield - Copy

A Style of Deerfield Embroidery - author Peggy Kimble; revised by Helen McCrindle

This course is to teach the student the technique of Deerfield embroidery, which is a variation of Crewel embroidery. As well as learning to prepare and mount the fabric in a frame and wash and block the piece, students will learn the traditional stitches such as Stem or Outline, Herringbone, Deerfield Herringbone, New England Laid, Feather, Chain, Cross, Lattice, French, Fly, Spike, Seed Speckling, Satin, Snail Trail, and Darning as used in this style of embroidery. An attractive work in traditional colours of blue values will be ready for use as cushion top or picture.


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